Solartec company sponsors the Thay Box club in Sicily.

Tay BoxSolartec company sponsors the Thay Box club in Sicily.

Trough Atlantic with solar module

David KřížekOur company developed and provided special 50Wp solar module to Křížek´s yacht. Mr. David Křížek participated in extreme challenge trough Atlantic – TRANSAT 6.50, at 17:54 he passed the finish line in great 3th place..

Give a hand to Earth

Podej ruku ZemiWe also donated the prizes (PV appliances and building kits) for the knowledge contest called “Give a hand to Earth”. This contest occurred in the spring 2007 under the terms of the campaign “Spring for Earth” organized by Ministry of Environment. The goal of the campaign was to expand the knowledge of renewable sources to children. Detailed information about campaign including event calendar are published on the web pages of Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic.

Helicopters for TEREZA

Vrtulníčky pro TEREZUAnother gift from Solartec company was 14 pieces of solar helicopters to the civic association named TEREZA for schools awarded in international project “Ecoschool”. This project is focused on elementary and high schools, and emphasizes the need of environmental education with specific practical steps, leading to the school greening. This event was organized by TEREZA association in cooperation with Senate of the Czech Republic. The ceremony of international prizes took place at Valdštejn palace on June 27th 2006.

Cho Oyu expedition

Cho OyuSolartec company sponsored an expedition named “Cho Ouy 2005”. Our PV modules were successful even in extreme mountain conditions. The key factor for selection of photovoltaic systems was mainly reliability and experience of supplier.

Climber Diary

Universe expedition

Vesmír 2004Project called „Universe expedition“ took place under the auspices of the Academy of Science of the Czech Republic and it was supported also by Ministry Education, Youth and Sports of  the Czech Republic. One of the main sponsors was also the Solartec companythat supported this actin by donation of PV modules.

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