Characterization methods

  • outdoor stage for long time monitoring of cells and modules in real operational conditions
  • sheet resistance measurement - contactless and four point probe scanner
  • MW PCD, QSSPC (minority carrier lifetime measurement)
  • solar simulators for the measurement of solar cells and modules
  • contactless measurement of substrate thickness
  • digital optical microscopy (Deep-focus setup)
  • scanning probe microscopy (SPM)
  • light degradation setup for solar cells (LID)
  • Reimer technique for resistance measurement
  • LBIC scanner (mapping of local currents)
  • surface energy evaluation system (SeeSystem)
  • EL/FL - (electro- and photo-luminescence)
  • resistivity measurement - four point probe scanner and contactless probe
  • dynamic testing of solar cell structures
  • EQE and R/T measurement
  • spectroscopic analysis 
  • thermography
  • elipsometry

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