Government photovoltaic support

According to the czech legislation for connecting photovoltaic system up to 30kWp installed on roofs of approved buildings in 2012 there are following conditions:

Guaranteed repurchase for 20 years

Green bonus and guaranteed re-purchase price are two forms of supports how government currently donates photovoltaic electricity production and qualize and helps to develop greener energy production.

Green bonus:

A green bonus support is useful in case when a part of the electricity produced by your PV system is consumed by own consumption and surplus is sold to the grid provider. Green bonus can be obtained for the whole energy production, and also for the energy of your own consumption. That is why you don´t pay for purchase of consumed energy to the energy provider and still receive the green bonus.

Repurchase price:

The principle of repurchase price is the selling of all produced electricity to the grid. Own consumption is paid as yet, therefore this form is advantageous for minimumu or no consumption of electricity.

The more energy you are able to consume, the more "green bonus" is worth.

Re-purchase price and the green bonus for production of electricity by sun radiation:

Price summary from Energy Regulatory Office, No.: 5/2012 from November 30th 2012, that establishes support of energy production from renewable sources, combined electricity production and heat and secondary energetic sources.

Production of electricity by solar irradiation for installed source with 30kW of power 1st of January 2013 to 31st of December 2013
1.1.2013-31.6.2013 Repurchase price of electricity provided to the grid Green bonus
< 5kW 3,41 Kč 2,86 Kč
< 30kW 2,83 Kč 2,28 Kč
1.7.2013-31.12.2013 Repurchase price of electricity provided to the grid Green bonus
< 5kW 2,99 Kč 2,44 Kč
< 30kW 2,43 Kč 1,88 Kč