Island system project

Do you own own a cabin, cottage, caravan, yacht or any other civil or industrial object in a place where is no connection to electrical network?

We offer you a proven achievement of this time – get the electricity directly from the sun through photovoltaic modules.

This high technology of electricity production descended from space heights and took important place in the ground power sources area. Operation of photovoltaic modules is environmentally clean. There are no secondary effects during the process like gases, fly ash or noise making your life unpleasant. Also non-renewable sources like coal, oil, natural gas or uranium are saved.

For independent electricity production you just need solar module, controller, an accumulator and of course ever-present sunlight.

The function of photovoltaic system is very simple. A sunlight which shines on the surface of solar module is converted to the electric power and stored by accumulator. Electricity obtained like this can be used for supplying the lighting, TV, radio, power tools, circulating pumps and also the alarms, because of no blackouts. This electricity can be also used for power spupplying of all devices designed for 24 V power supply. In case of common devices designed for 230V grid, all you need is voltage converter connected betweenthe device and the accumulator. Then you can use your PV system without any limits for watching your TV connected to recorder or a satellite receiver or listening to your stereo system.