Distribution company under the laws accepted by the EU must purchase energy from renewable sources.

Law: Act No. 458/200 Coll. In § 23 paragraph 1 determines the rights of producer connection to the electricity grid under the certain conditions established by this Act, andfurther § 31, paragraph 2, concerning the connection of renewable recources.

Guaranteed purchase after 20 years

Law: No 364/2007 Coll. about business conditions and performance of state administration in energy sectors and gamended certain laws.

The amount of final aid determined Energy Regulatory Office by purchase prices and by Green Bonuses

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Law No. 180/2005 Coll. related to a renewable resource support

One of the most modern laws about renewable resources in Europe creating a production support scheme of renewable energy based on the best European experience - Directive 2001/77/EC způsob podpory výroby elektřiny z OZE v platnosti od 1.8.2005 (the way of electricity production from renewable energy recources).

Regulation 475/2005 Sb. ,by which is performed some law establishment of renewable recources applicability

Gain in efficiency 1st January 2008 notice Energy Regulatory Office (ERÚ) No. 364/07 by which is changed the regulation  No. 475/2005 Sb. Essential provision for photovoltaics is a change of indicative values of technical and economic parameters, especially in terms of expected solar power plant lifetime which increased from the original 15 to 20 years..

Busines licensing in energy sectors

International Solar Energy Society published a document called Whitepaper ISES: Transitioning to a renewable energy future which givies reasons for establishment of effective government policies to use renewable resources globally and also provides sufficient information government how to accelerate the governmentalpolicies implementation.This White Paper provides a rationale for effective governmental renewable energy policies worldwide, as well as, sufficient information to accelerate effective policies. It is the thesis of this WHite Paper thath a worldwide effort to generate the renewable energy transition must emerge at the top of national and international political agendas