What you must know

The principle of photovoltaic effect

The photovoltaic effect was discovered by Mr. Alexandre Edmond Becquerel in 1839. Schema Princip Fotovoltaiky

The photoelectric effect refers to the emission or ejection of electrons foam the surface of, generally, a metal in response to incident light. 

Due to incident light on semiconductor material, photons interact with crystalline lattice and release free electrons from the valence layer of atoms. The result is a formation of free charge carriers, electron-hole pairs. These carriers are transferred to contacts of solar cell generates an electric current.

Photovoltaics belong to the most perspective alternative energy sources.

Photovoltaic solar panels composed of photovoltaic cells can be assembled into units such as batteries. Therefore, the photovoltaic system can be easily extended. Photovoltaic panels don´t have to be firmly secured to the roof. In case of going on vacations it is possible to use portable panels they are very compact and suitable for powering small electric appliances. It is advantageous to use the panels for batteries charging, which saves time and money.

Other use of PV panel can be placed in the garden as the supply voltage garden lights and portable lights. This eliminates hard wiring and excavation work.

Futurologists predict that within a few decades will photovoltaic panels produce twentieth of the world's electricity needs. Today exist photovoltaic systems consuming electricity at night or during limited sunlight from the network, and vice versa supplying energy to the electricity grid when there is surplus of photovoltaic electricity.

The use of photovoltaic systems is advantageous because the sunlight is all over the world free of charge. Photovoltaic cells do not change their properties in time and their lifetime is very high (at least 20 years). Panels installed outside are resistant to rain, snow, hail or severe frost. High temperature does not interferepanels operation. The panels are tested in a wind tunnel for wind speeds up to 180km/h

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