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Collected information and their usage

The access to www.solartec.cz might be subject by the Provider to the provision of some personal data on the part of the User in accordance with the Data Protection Act no. 101/2000 Coll., and some other legal regulations as amended. In this case the Provider shall handle the data in accordance with valid legal regulations. By providing the data, the User expresses his/her consent to the processing of the personal data.

Disclosure of personal data

The Provider works with several entities that supply the Provider with various services. These entities, if authorized, can handle the User's personal data, providing they only use the information to comply with their duties and the data must not be used for any other purpose. The Provider does not sell, transfer or communicate the personal data to any third parties. However, the Provider reserves the right to use and disclose any information necessary to comply with legal regulations, to protect the integrity of the network, to comply with User's requests, and to provide information for litigation and investigation purposes if it is in the public interest.


The term 'Cookies' refers to information which is transferred from the Internet page onto the hard disc in the User's computer. Cookies enable the Internet page to remember important information which makes it easier for the User to reuse the information. Most Internet pages, including the Provider's pages, use cookies. Based on anonymous data objects, the Provider monitors, for example, the total number of visitors to the website. Providing the User does not wish to use cookies or wants the Internet browser to inform him/her about the use of cookies, the User must select the relevant option in his/her Internet browser. If the User blocks all cookies, some of the functionality of the website cannot be used.

Links to other pages

www.solartec.cz lists links to other websites which are not controlled by the Provider in any way. If the User visits any of these websites, they should make sure that their personal data is secured and protected. The Provider accepts no liability for the procedures and policies of other entities.

Change in the policy of personal data protection

The Provider reserves the right to change the policy of personal data protection at any time and in any way; the updated policy shall always be placed on the website.

User's Behavior

When using the website, the User must not interfere with the safety of the website; the User must not use the website to transfer harmful files nor to attempt to break into publicly inaccessible parts of the website. The User is also obliged to respect the Provider's copyright with regard to the website.

Liability and jurisdiction

Any potential risks, arising to the User out of the use of the website, lie with the User and the Provider is not liable in any way. All disputes arisen in connection with the use of the website shall be dealt with by local jurisdiction in the Czech Republic pursuant to the legal regulations of the Czech Republic. The provisions of Regulations, which might for some reason be inexecutable, are regarded as separable from the remaining provisions, and the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not be affected by these provisions.

Accessibility statement

The website Provider declares that these web pages strive to be as accessible as possible in terms of their contents and functionality to all Internet users.